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GS02 5000 Elite

Created on:2023-10-27
  • Battery Capacity
    500 mAh
  • Liquid Capacity
  • Coil Type
    Single Mesh Coil
  • Recharging Port
  • Material
    PCTG+ Silicon Rubber

The GIKKOVAP GS02 Elite5000 features a semi-transparent dark upper case and a compatible colored metallic lower painting, crafting an exclusive design that sets it apart as a piece of artware. Twenty color options are available for customers to select from. The front panel showcases a carved logo and characters indicating nicotine strength and puff count. An LED light is installed beneath the logo and all characters, illuminating them during vaping. Beyond the external surface, the GIKKOVAP GS02 Elite5000 boasts a meticulous inner structure, ensuring smooth airflow for an optimal vape experience. Our specially improved Mesh coil further enhances the vaping satisfaction for customers. This device measures only 20mm in diameter, making it convenient for carrying in hand or pocket.

This is an OEM Special Model, exclusively accepting OEM orders.